"RI WinTrader" The Buy / Sell Signal Generating Software with more than 90% accuracy


RI WinTrader Buy Sell Signal Software, gives you automatic Buy Sell Signals in MCX, Forex and NSE (Stocks & Futures) and COMEX with more than 90% Accuracy. You will get assured monthly return by following software and simple rules. Every one can be a professional trader, and can earn good income from home. RI Wintrader is easy to understand, there is no need of any prior experience in trading, suitable for everyone (Retired Persons, House Wives, Students, Employed People, Business People, etc), Since Commodity Market time in India (MCX) is from 10.00am to 11.30/11.55pm, even employed people can do the trading in evening session. Forex market time is 24x5, starts from monday to friday.


RI WinTrader can double your investment in a month with more than 90% accurate signals . Its no matter whether the market is in up trend or down trend or choppy market. Our software will work in any market condition. Only follow some basic principle and follow our software blindly, you can double your investment in a month with the support of our lowest brokerage plan with 4 times intraday exposure and 2 times delivery exposure.


With One Software Get Buy Sell Signals from MCX, Forex, NSE (Stocks and Futures) and Comex with Assured Monthly Return


By following our software you can assure 90% that you will get 3% of your investment everyday, ie, Rs. 900/- daily, in a month total 20 trading sessions (Mon-Fri), so your monthly profit will be Rs. 18,000/-, this is 60% of your investment, in many times you will get more than 5% daily, so that you can double your account in a month.

Be a Professional Trader with WinTrader.

Double Your Investment In a Month by

Trading in Commodity (MCX) at your

convenient time from

10.00am to 11.30 / 11.55 pm
Monday to Friday


The main commodities we prefer to trade in MCX market are Copper, Crude Oil, Gold, Nickel, Natural Gas, Silver, Zinc and Lead most performed commodities in MCX . There will be two trading session in MCX, morning (10.00am to 05.00pm) and evening session (05.00pm to 11.55pm), Monday to Friday, market will be open on saturday till 02.00pm but movement is feasible.


Professionals / House Wives / Retired Persons / Students can trade in MCX & Forex Market at their convenient time and earn good income monthly with our software from your Home. There is no prior experience need for this, we will give you proper training about how to trade and how to use our software. Trade like a Professional and earn assured monthly income from the comfort of your home.